academic degrees

University of Guilan, Faculty of Sciences

Bachelor of Science (BS), Biological Sciences

2018 – Recent​

National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET)

High School Diploma, Experimental Sciences

2011 – 2018

professional course certificates

7.00x: Introduction to Biology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Eric S. Lander (Founding Director of the Broad Institute; Professor of Biology at MIT)
Michelle Mischke (Instructor, Department of Biology at MIT)
Graham Walker (HHMI Professor; ACS Professor of Biology at MIT)
Brian White (Associate Professor of Biology – Science Education at University of Massachusetts, Boston)
Mary Ellen Wiltrout (Director of Blended and Online Initiatives, Lecturer, Department of Biology at MIT)

Principles of Biochemistry

Harvard University

Alain Viel (Senior Lecturer, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Rachelle Gaudet (Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Clinical Biochemistry & Genetics

HMX, Harvard Medical School

David H. Roberts, M.D. (Dean for External educations, Associate Professor of Medicine)
Michael J. Parker, M.D. (Associate Dean for Online Learning, faculty director of HMX, Associate Professor of Medicine)

Creative Thinking

Imperial College London

Peter Childs (Head of the School of Design Engineering)


The University of Edinburgh

Professor Duncan Pritchard, Professor Michela Massimi Professor Mark Harris
Professor John Peacock, Professor Andy Clark, Professor Barbara Webb
Dr. Dave Ward, Dr. Suilin Lavelle, Dr. Matthew Chrisman, Dr. Allan Hazlett
Dr. Alasdair Richmond, Dr. Orestis Palermos, Dr. J Adam Carter, Dr. Mog Stapleton
Dr. David Carmel, Dr. Suilin Lavelle, Dr. Mark Sprevak, Dr. Kenny Smith
Dr. Peggy Series, Guy Fletcher, Elinor Mason, Louise Connelly

Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IBM (International Business Machines)

Rav Ahuja (AI and Data Science Program Director)
Joseph Santarcangelo (Data Scientist at IBM)
Antonio Cangiano (Software Developer and Technical Evangelist)
Yi Leng Yao (Data Scientist, Software Engineer)
Sacchit Chadha (Software Engineer at IBM)
Tanmay Bakshi (AI Evangelist & Watson Developer)

Introduction to Psychology

Yale University

Paul Bloom (Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science)

Biology of Cancer & Genomic Technologies

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

Kenneth J. Pienta, M.D. (The Donald S. Coffey Professor of Urology)
Steven Salzberg, Ph.D. (Professor of Biomedical Engineering)
Jeff Leek, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Biostatistics)

Science of Stem Cells, Evolution, Genetics & Society

American Museum of Natural History

Joel Cracraft, Ph.D. (Chair and Lamont Curator)
Rob DeSalle, Ph.D. (Curator of American Museum of Natural History)
David Randle, Ph.D. (Assistant Director, Faculty, Master of Arts in Teaching, Richard Gilder Graduate School)
Dr. Zehra Dincer (Stem Cell Educator at the American Museum of Natural History)

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