Javad Varasteh is a Biologist, Researcher and Teacher who graduated from National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) and Founded MIM Institute to create a better future for humankind by training young scientists and provide outstanding development opportunities for all.

Updated: Apr 2024

Early years

Javad was born on 6 August 2000 in Rasht, Iran.
His father, Shahram Varasteh, was one of the famous biology teachers in Gilan province, who taught biology to students in Mirzakuchak Khan School part of the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) for many years and was the Headmaster of this school for some years. His mother has also been an employee of the Gilan Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research for many years. He has two brothers named Mojtaba and Mehrzad.

Mohammad Javad Varasteh
Mohammad Javad Varasteh


He attended Shahid Sedighi Public School in Rasht for primary education. In his final year, he achieved the top rank in the country for two scientific research projects by participating in the first Jaber Bin Hayan National Festival in the experimental sciences group.

At the age of 11, he passed the NODET entrance exam and was able to enter Mirzakuchak Khan School. 7 years later in 2018, he successfully received his diploma in experimental sciences. During the years of attending, he studied various research sciences such as biology, chemistry, astronomy, etc. During his student years, he was in charge of the research affairs of these schools. He organized scientific competitions and exhibitions and science exhibitions in Gilan province. He always emphasizes that he owes part of his success to this school and the efforts he has made during his years in it. ” NODET has always been my home and I owe it a lot,” he said.

With the end of the golden age of NODET, he continued his undergraduate studies at the University of Guilan and has been studying biology at this university since 2018 until today. His academic interests include evolution, genetics, and biochemistry.

Other interests:

In addition to his academic studies in biology, he pursued personal study and participated in various courses in psychology, sociology, and philosophy during his university years. 


Simultaneously with spending the last year of High School at NODET, he also started teaching in addition to research work. From those years, he taught biology, and a little later, he established specialized courses in creativity and ideation for students. After holding several courses with one of his friends, he founded the MiM Institute. With the institute’s formation, the activities became more specialized and severe than before. For several years, he was in charge of the scientific management of the organization and part of the executive affairs, and from 2020, he was fully in charge of the executive management.

MiM Institute is Founded to create the ability and desire to work wisely, creatively, and effectively In Every Student, Train the scientists of the future and provide outstanding development opportunities for all.

Considering the extensive connections he had in his local community and the great influence on this community, he decided to organize TED events. From 2020 to today, he is also the organizer of TEDx events in Rasht.

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